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Notebooks from postcards

Hi! I was very inspired by this nice class and of course made my own little and nice pocket notebooks. I have many sketchbooks for now and it never be enough of them :)

I spend some time for thinking about the cover, because I thought I have nothing in my house that I can use for it. Then on this weekend I went to the place where were sale of old books with hope to buy some old and nice magazines for my cover. I found there some nice old cards and bought a lot of them. Here they all. There are two things looking like notebooks - they have 10 pages each with cards that you need to cut off. In this notebooks there are photos of some coasts, I think it's somewhere in Russia, but not sure. There are lettering but language not Russian and not English. On the top there some commercial picture with shoes, and other pictures are photos of Saint Petersburg.


And also on the weekend we had trip to IKEA and there I got this nice pack of postcards:


Pink fox not suits my purposes, but other looks very good as covers!

So I spend few hours for cutting and sewing my notebooks! I used gold thread that I found at home, it looks nice. I made 8 notebooks. With any new notebooks process became easier and easier.

Here photo of my process:


And here my results:









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