Notebook/Photo Album

Notebook/Photo Album - student project

Hi Everyone!
I had so much fun in this class and creating the notebooks. They are so easy to make, I can see myself making these for EVERYTHING.

I didn't have any blank cards around so I used scrapbooking paper for the covers and white cardstock for the inside pages. I added 2 white pages inside each cover. Total, I made 3 signatures and used gold and white twine to bind them. Aren't they pretty??? :)

I think I'm going to make more of these and give them out as gifts. Not sure yet if I want to bind them all together. I really like how they look separate. PLUS, the paper is so pretty I don't want to cover it by gluing them side by side. For my next set, I will definitely bind them together and make it into our 2016 Summer photo album and have my kids help out! Planning on using the printable four pack that Alexandra provided! Stay tune for more notebooks!

Alexandra's class and set by set instructions were so easy to follow. Short and simple was perfect.

Notebook/Photo Album - image 1 - student project

Notebook/Photo Album - image 2 - student project