Note to Self: Drink More Wine

Note to Self: Drink More Wine  - student project

Well, I am fascinated. I have always enjoyed a good red wine, but only in the last few years have I truly begun to appreciate the complex flavours that different wines offer.  I generally buy wines between $12. and $25. dollars depending on the drinking occasion. 

My favourite wines are usually Cabernets, Cabernet Franc, Ruffino Chianti, or Masi Campofiorin 

I enjoy red over white, and I really dislike sparkling wines and champagne.  I just do not like carbonated drinks. 

Normally I would just drink wine, not really discuss what I like about it or not, but I do see the benefits of evaluating wine, and by evaluating it discovering more from it, and gaining a greater appreciation of it so I am looking forward to trying this!

My first notes are on a

Vineland Estates Winery (Ontario Niagara Region)

Cabernet Franc 


Sight: Deep garnet in color

Smell: Interesting. The first whiff brought to mind tobacco, then thoughts of books and pencil shavings?  Also the smell of fresh moist earth.and something that reminded me of my flat ginger ale (the only soda I would drink and only to sooth an upset stomach)?

Taste:  I taste rhubarb, a little tart but with a hint of sweetness. I also taste cherries and something again from my childhood that nags at makes me think of chewing on the ends of my pencils which ties in with the smell of dusty books.and pencil shavings which leads me to think I am tasting graphite/minerals?

Well, none of these smells and tastes sound particularly appealing on their own, except the fruit, but I really enjoyed this wine. Actually, the smells conjured pleasant memories for me, familiar, comforting memories which I think heightened my enjoyment of the wine.  

Until the next tasting!