Note To Self

Captains Log December 6, 2012:

Today I started learning how to code. My first project will be an app that will let me create notes that mark important life and work  milestones and gems. This will help me and the citizens of planet earth to never forget the long road we are walking, paving and crossing during our busy days,

I Imagine a quick and easy to way to create these notes from my mobile phone so I can Add photos, locations and tag people. I envision automatic notes created based on milestones generated by other apps I use running, traveling etc. 

I See the experience of browsing notes as flipping a scrapbook full of significant life experiences.

I wish that my notes will be smart so they'll know to alert me in time and places and remind me about the roads I crossed when my memory fails.

What are your thoughts about this kind of an app? How would you want to use it?


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