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I have tried different note taking app like evernote, simplenote, and bear. They worked well, but I just never really used them to their full potential, like the tagging system in Evernote, or Bear. They just made it more complex and messing because I wasn't using them. I found myself going back and using Apple Notes, since it was simple and already on my Mac and iOS devices. Almost all the time I am just taking Notes for personal use, and not collaborating or sharing it with others. If I did need to share a note, most likely the other person doesn't use Evernote, or Bear. They usually have an iOS device, so likely they know how to use the Notes app, and I can easily share it to them. Apple Notes, just works for me.

My Set Up:

  • I pin notes that I will use often or refer back to. .i.e. (Journal, Food Receipt)
  • In the title of every note I will use an emoji to categorize the note
  • I only use 1 folder to store all my notes. For now, I am only using 1 folder to storage my notes, as I don't have to many different types of notes, so I find it easier to storage it all in one place. As it grows, I will figure out what types of folders I will need
  • I use the Apple Shortcuts app to create a Journal Template that asks me questions. .i.e. (What is 1 thing I want to accomplish today? What is my Mood? Any thoughts I have?). I often forget to journal, so I set up Launch Center Pro to remind me everyday at 10am to launch the journal app. I'll tap on the notification and it takes me directly to the questions. I'll append it to 1 journal called Journal 2019.
  • I use the Safari Browser, so link I want to quick capture of, I will share it to Notes to remind myself

I found the most useful part of my set up is combining Shortcuts and Launch Center Pro to remind to Journal about my day. 

How do I find my notes just using 1 folder to organize them? - Whenever I need to find a note, I'll just use the search function to search for whatever I am looking for. And that has been working for me


Screenshot of how my set up looks like in Notes Note-Taking - image 1 - student project


** UPDATE March 6, 2019 **

I also stored PDF files like manuals into Apple Notes. I find it useful at times to quickly go into Notes and see that PDF Manual. For example, I store my PDF car manual document here. I can go into notes and search for my car and that document will be ready and available for me.  The reason I don't put it in a folder file structure is because I don't put a lot of files in that folder so I rather just store it in the Notes app and refer to it whenever I need it and not worry about naming the file, and having duplicates or lost deep in my folder structure which I will not see.


**UPDATE April 18, 2019**

I've been playing with this app called Apple Shortcuts on my iPhone. Its lets you create shortcut triggers. I've been using it to create notes. Here is a link to download that Shortcut. The Note Shortcut is very useful in inputing notes quickly and getting it down. Here is where I found that shortcut on Reddit

This is the longest I've used a Note apps and been consisted on using it. Building this structure of note taking has been very useful. I am able to find notes and input notes easily without thinking to much about it. With using a simple notes app I find it, I don't worry to much about the little things like, what font to use, the font size. And all focus is on the actually note.


**UPDATE November 27, 2019**

I've added a folder called "Personal Projects". In this folder, I put in all the project ideas I have or challenges. The notes will have ideas of each of the project and its a place to input my thoughts and organize in. For example, if I have a 30 day challenge like a picture a day. I'll document the idea in that folder, and in the notes I'll add in the details of what the challenge is. 

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