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Not sure where to take things

Here's some examples of some previous work, this is a poster from a couple years ago for a local punk show. 

I remember I labored forever on various different fonts and hand drawn lettering styles, and nothing was working. Finally time was up and I just needed to have something to put around town so I just slapped it together with india ink. The only that really makes me cringe looking back at it is slapping the ridiculous name I had made for myself huge at the bottom. 

This is a web ad I put together a month or two ago for a record coming out on an independent label I'm a part of. I have a ton of old rub on lettering sheets I bought on eBay from a graphics shop that was going out of business. The letters for "Monster Surf" came out completely crackled and destroyed because the sheet they were on was old and crappy. Somehow it kind of still worked, though I did some resizing digitally (and broke your drop shadow rule).


I've always been influenced by old hand done DIY punk stuff, old movie posters, comic books, etc. Trash culture. Not sure where to take things from here, but I'm enjoying the videos so far.

I've always been a huge Raymond Pettibon fan, since I was kid staring at his record covers for Black Flag. Probably the first thing to show me the power of a word and an image. 

On an almost opposite tip I love the rationality and rigid construction of the modernists. 


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