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Rueben Dodds

Video Game Artist



Not sure still deciding

I still not sure as to what my project is going to be yet, but I will update as I progress in this class. I still deciding whether I'll be working on a super hero, villain, original or a mash-up from my favourite tv-series/ game hero or villains. 

I also have to get more art supplies as I'm currently running short of them for myself. The art supplies I main use for myself are a 0.7mm mechanical pencil, prismacolor blue pencil kneaded easer & A4 sketchbook. So any feedback or suggestion should it be fanart, original or mash-up would be appreicated? Because if it's fanart I have a couple of super hero or villains from comics and anime that I could choice from for myself. So I guess we'll have to see where it goes.. 


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