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Not so pocket-sized notebook

I knew from the very beginning what my handcrafted notebook should look like. My collection of recipes is a pure mess so I decided to give it a special paper book. But I chose the A5 format realizing that true pocket size would be too small.

I like botanical pictures and this orange plant suits it well. I added a headline and printed it on a quite heavy yellowish paper.


Can you see that blue thing? Nope, that's not an original tool, it's used for spreading the batter over the baking pan and it has very smooth edges :-)


The resulting triangle on the text block was very visible even with 5 sheets so I trimmed the edges before the actual stitching with a cover. That seemed to be a good decision since my knife isn't so sharp and probably I wouldn't be able to trim the whole notebook in a clean way. 


Folding the cover was the hardest part for me. The paper was so hard to fold and I did quite ugly creases by doing it starting in the middle. I stopped immediately, flipped the cover and run a needle through the whole fold. This helped a lot and then it was easy to fold it properly. However, the creases were already there and that's a take away for the next time.




It was very fun and easy to do! I can't wait to write down all the recipes. I'll go with different colors and botanical pictures for the next ones.

Thank you!


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