Not quite!

Not quite! - student project

Not quite! - image 1 - student projectI loved this class, I didn't have the right materials in, so I've sort of mashed several classes together, using techniques from this class, the stacking rings class and the beech earrings class to make this pendent. The base looked too perfect once I'd finished so I cut little pieces out giving a lily-pad-ish feel which I prefer, Colouring the silver is new to me but I feel it really makes the pearl stand out. I drilled a little hole in the base of the cup to solder some wire for the half drilled pearl. It's not perfect but I like it.


Edited to add my stacking ring. I finally got around to stone setting. I love it.


With the help of a jewellery making book I made the bezel cup. This is the second, the first was not pretty and rather mangled, but I'm happy with this one and I love the ring. I left the band polished and refrained from the temptation hammering the band which I love and I think the polished band and bezel cup works with the texture of the stone. It was really handy to have the video class to follow for setting thank you Joanne. I am sure that there are mistakes showing on the ring but I love it!!!