Not quite ready


After watching this class I've become aware that I have a large amount of preparation work to do before i jump feet first into opening an online shop. I am quite confident that I can write my buns off & I have a comfortable understanding of what's necessary now to run and maintain a shop thanks to this and a few other skillshare courses. my current hang ups include the terrible lighting I have in my house and I'd like to use a better camera for my photography. From the looks of it I also need to create a good chunk of content for the shop. Funny how prepared you think you are until you start to do something, I will not give up though and by the end of February I will have successfully launched an etsy shop! (fingers crossed)

Thank you for taking the time to read this, a link to my instagram since I don't have a shop url to post, please feel free to provide me with any constructive criticism it's always welcome.

Regards & good luck to us all in 2017.

Douglas Ryan
Amateur Calligrapher • Graphic Designer