Not my 1st coptic stitch book, but my favorite one!

This is A6 size, using 300 g/sqm mixed media paper. As you can tell, I love deckled edges! Also, the sketchbook obviously talks quite a bit, but after a few hours under a stack of heavy books, it's gotten a lot better. (These pictures were taken before that.) We'll see how it looks tomorrow!


I forgot to take pictures of my endsheets, but I took apart an old TN insert that I don't want to keep and used the paper to make the endsheets. I'm very happy with how the cover turned out! It feels like a legit hardcover book. 


I can practically hear people explaiming: you turned a few of the signatures around, so they don't align properly anymore! Nah, it's just that I intenionally varied quite a bit how much I tore off each page for the deckled look, so they aren't all the same width anymore. I wanted it to have a messy look – what do you think, should I not have done this?


I love this class! I especially love how there is no distracting music and éverything is shown clearly, real-time and repeatedly – I have sensory issues and concentration problems due to a disability, and that often makes it very very hard to follow classes. Not this one, though! 


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