Siti Rawini Sulaiman

Engineer, Illustrator, Printmaker



Not me, My Husband

I know its suppose to be a self portrait but I decided to make husband's portrait for his surprise gift. 
I don't get any card stock so I just used the art paper and put colors on it. Just simply watercolor and gouache. I know it would be nice to use card stock and acrylic colors but hey it doesnt hurt to to do experiment right? :D

Overall it is a fun activity. I would do more of this! 

Anyhow.. here are the sketch tracing photo of my husband.


And below is the finished paper art of my husband. 


Here is the closeup.


As I look overall outcome of my husband paper cut, i think I have cut his face shape bigger than it supposed to be. Really need to work on accuracy. :D:D And I have been thinking to if I should add highlight on his face. In the end I decided to complete the piece like this. :D


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