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Not in Kansas anymore - Week 1 Composition

I've recently moved to France from Australia and to explore my new surroundings (and neighbouring countries) I have been walking around taking pictures. I've had a lot of fun doing it and it's given me a greater appreciation of my new home as well as a new interest in photography that goes beyond tourist happy snaps.

I found Week 1's project harder than expected, maybe I thought about it too much (probably!). I found it hard to find a simple landscape that wasn't cluttered with buildings, mountains or tourists. Anyway below are the results of my Week 1 homework.

Photo 1

This photo was taken in Florence, the weather wasn't great but I think the clouds add a nice effect. I've tried to capture the foreground with the house and bushes, the mid ground with the hills and the background with the clouds. I also placed the house in the last third of the photo to add more to the photo than just hills.

Photo 2

In this photo I tried to use the rule of thirds with the shed taking up two thirds of the photo. I think the weathered paint work on the shed gives the photo a bit more texture (not sure that's the right word!)


Photo 3

This was also taken in Florence amongst the swarm of Easter tourists. I tried to use the Frame concept in this photo, although there isn't anything in the frame I thought the sky contrasts nicely with the darkness of the walls.

Photo 4

My partner has a gift for finding the Irish pubs wherever we are!! I tried to use the rule of thirds (although the mirror is a bit bigger than a third) and framing (the reflection in the mirror). When he started brushing his hair in the mirror it had an Elvis-esque kind of feel to it which I thought was a bit cool so I took a picture.

Photo 5

I really liked the Palm tree photo that Albert Watson took, so I used that as inspiration. I tried to place the plam tree along the third line of the photo just to the right of the mountain.




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