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Sebastiaan Destellirer

Graphic Designer, Teacher



Not having Fun ;)

Although i found watching the video's inspirational to see what is possible.

It is way out of my league to create something myself.

I did however give it a serious try, but ran into to much problems and broken things.

First of all, some of the examples you made only work in chrome, I use firefox, I did try to add the firfox dedicated commands/prefixes, but things stil dont work.

Secondly I am more a designer and Muse and Edge animate guy.

I am busy learning hand coding HTML and Basic CSS.

After running into all these problems I encountered, I decided not to go further with it at this stage because it is sort of demotivational and i dont want to ruin my flow and fun I have in learning handcoding step by step HTML.

I will leave a possitive comment (because of the inspirational value) with the remark that it is not for beginners.


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