Not as Lovecraftian as I originally intended... | Skillshare Projects

Trish Lamanna

Digital Art Director



Not as Lovecraftian as I originally intended...

...But thats okay! I started off with googling "Lovecraft castle" and got something like this: 


Pretty creepy, but there's alot going on here. So I simplifed my search down to "castle front", which landed me here.


I felt that was pretty workable. Started plugging away at illustrator for a little while, didn't want to spend too much time with what I'm super comfortable with, which is drawing in illustrator. I think it's time to dive in and get weird. #letsgetweird 


Got into AE, been organizing lines, petals and wedges for like...two days.  


Fast forward to today, and here we are. Big ups to and the motion 2 plugin. Was a great help when it came to pushing my anchorpoint around. Thanks for the tutorial Jake, this was great! 



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