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Not all who wander are lost

And it continues here:


I still wasn't happy with the "wander" text, and I felt that it was still difficult to read the phrase, so I tried out a couple of things. One was changing the dropshadow on "wander" to something with an inner line, which resembles more of the "art noveau" influence. I was also looking through my early inspirations from art noveau, and decided to try break the border with the illustrations. I wasn't able to do that in a huge way since the illustrations are rather tiny, but I could break up some of the islands and a bit of the border with the whale tail. I also dropped the "N" over the island, and put the pathway from the house back in, so the eye is lead from one word to the next through a subtle visual suggestion.



So I've made a number of changes: added a substantial border that is more map-like, and added a banner for "lost" to bring it out more. I also gave it some dropshadow, and as if that wasn't enough, i gave the banner a dropshadow too. I started off with the curvy islands, but in the latest/last iteration I started to think about how I could bring more "masculinity" into the work (based upon my early brainstorming), and made the islands more angular to give it that touch. 


UPDATE 1/19, 11:03 pm

I decided that little house needed to be modernized. Now one facade of it is glass with stairs immediately upon entering, and there is a pathway to the beach. The sailboat also has a mysterious bottom floor, and the trees are more rigid and geometric, recalling the "masculine" qualities I wanted to evoke. I'm still wondering if it needs a little bit more of something, and what that something could be...


10:00 pm

I've noticed that I need a better scanner, as my current all-in-one doesn't get a clean scan unless i stack thick 1000-page hardcover books on top of it. Anyhow, I've made (what I hope to be) incremental improvements this layout. I felt that some of the words weren't as large as they could be relative to the rest of the phase, so I increased their size. I tackled "LOST" by dropping the complexity of the compass image, and replaced it with the word in a script typeface, with minimal markings for the compass. Whilst I think you can still read it as a compass, it also has a warm feeling of the sun behind it. I also aligned the "wander" text with the inner border of the frame. 


Then, I decided I wanted to change the format (to a square), since I wanted to use it as an album cover for a mix, and that went pretty smoothly.


I ended up going with something that was more map-based, incorporating words within islands and making the words mean more symbolically. 



I tried out the "wandering text" theme, but I felt it was not conceptually as strong as it could be. 


In these thumbnail sketches, I went through different ideas that fell into a travel theme.


I tried to see how type would look if it sort of "wandered" about on the page, with varying base heights, curves, and so forth. 


I chose this phrase since I consider myself a wanderer. I've lived in many places, I've tried many things... you get the idea. I'm currently "wandering" into hand-lettering via skillshare.

A lot of my brainstorming ideas drew upon imagery related to hiking, outdoors, travelling, maps, park posters, and in my mood board I also considered design influenced by art noveau.


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