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Ohn Mar Win

Illustrator surface designer teacher



Not all Those Who Wander Are Lost

OVER 3 years later I am updating this project as I really felt it was time to resolve it! I still think this Tolkien phrase is as relevant to me as ever - we are all on our journeys and we are invited to learn from our own path.

with there years worth of extra experience I decided to keep is super simple. I added the compass imaged knocked back in the background to emphasise the journey part.


This phrase from a poem by Tolkein that appears in Lord of the Rings. Sounds geeky I know BUT I find it really appropiate for my life sometimes. I'm learning as I go about achieving my goals, there is always purpose for some of the paths we take.

Well I'm a newbie to 'proper' calligraphy, although I have used hand written typography in designs. I just felt my approach needed refining & be more presentable.






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