Not a copic

Not a copic - student project

I just got a nice pack of ohuhu markers and I'm ''getting to know them''. This was a nice class to learn about markers strokes and such. 



Here are my exercices : 

Not a copic - image 1 - student project

Not a copic - image 2 - student project

This one I messed up and started with too dark a shade... 


On the next one I practice blending, gradients and such... just to get to know how colors react

Not a copic - image 3 - student project


Next I tried a more loose approach some bits worked quite well, some others didn't...


Not a copic - image 4 - student project



In this one I tried to achieve a more realistic color gradient, worked well for the stawberry, not so much for the greens.

Not a copic - image 5 - student project


Next is the final artwork I did for the class. It's not perfect at all. I see all the defect even better on the scaned version. 

Not a copic - image 6 - student project

Elisabeth Doyon
I do art... sometimes