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Carmen Rimple

Freelance graphic designer



Not a Sin

There is, in fact, an idea that is burning up inside me. And that is the shame and the blame that is placed on women for the the actions and thoughts of the men who mean to do them harm.

Women, your bodies are not a sin. You are just as human as any other. Living and breathing is not a provocation.

That said, James, I took into account a lot of the techniques you described in this lesson. I really wanted to try your techniques, but I didn't want my project to copy you. I think I got it though.

I feel like I really connect with a lot of your philosophies on art, typography, and how I hand-write. (I'm a lefty, too. I also collect postcards from the turn of the 20th century.) For this project, I implemented your ideas of drawing, finger painting, and 'fecking perfuction'.

First pencil, then pen, I started by handwriting -in my most honest hand- my words. It was me! Without restraint. Me. It felt incredible.

Your ideas of altering your tools are brilliant. I've never thought of that. Instead, I used the handle of a paint brush as my pen. I dipped it in my black acrylic paint and started writing. I liked the sudden variation of weight, the tiny scrapes created at the end of the strokes, and the texture of the gooey paint. I also used another tool for painting that that is intended for use in tin-tooling.

Then, I finger-painted my image. I dried it with my hairdryer, scanned it and started rendering it in Photoshop. I inverted my colors, as you showed us in your "Black Beard" example.

Something else I never thought of was really exploring the sizing of my written objects. I sized my writing as you demonstrated, and I love it. I never did realize the value of that kind of different perspective. Wonderful!

The result of this project is something that is an accurate reflection of what I feel. And I dig it. After your lesson, I feel safe enough to know and trust my own voice. Thank you so much :)   Great techniques, great lessons.


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