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Not Your Nan's Scones

I have started drafting my class - Not Your Nan's Scones: Learn to bake sweet & savoury pinwheel scones.

The class is intended to be achieveable for everyone, including first time bakers and uses a minimal amount of equipment.

We will learn how to make a basic scone dough (a fail-proof recipe I've been using since I was big enough to stand on a chair and reach the kitchen bench), adapt it to suit sweet and savoury recipes and then look at an example of a sweet and a savoury pinwheel scone.

The project is to use the basic scone dough and your favourite sweet or savoury flavours to create a pinwheel recipe of your own (ie: deciding on a filling which suits your tastes/what you have in the cupboard and using these to bake your own pinwheel scones). Bakers will need to upload a photo and description of their finished pinwheel.

A super easy, impressive looking and delicious treat!



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