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Not Yet Titled RoR Project

Update 3: Starting over because I'm a masochist

Since I wanted to use mysql at first because of my own webhost, but then gave up and chose to go with heroku, I wanted to change the database my app used to postgresql. However, I was completely unable to make the transition. So I've deleted the earlier copies on my app on GitHub and Heroku and recreated my app. I had to go through a bunch of other stuff again, but in the end it was easier than figuring out why I couldn't get a new database to work.

While talking with a web developer friend, and complaining about my deployment troubles, he scolded me for even worrying about deployment when I can still barely code. He's right. I need to focus on learning rails as quick as I can and deploying as easily as I can. No need to make it more difficult upfront than it needs to me.

Update 2: I'm deploying to Heroku anyway, because it's easier.

I have to learn to crawl before I can walk. So I'm going to deploy to Heroku because it's easier than figuring out a good way to deploy to my Bluehost server.

Update 1: I'm on github, but I'm still figuring out how to deploy to NOT Heroku.

I'm still not sure how to get my app working on my alternative web host, as opposed to Heroku. I probably don't *need* to do it, but I want to learn. I already figured out how to set up my app with mysql instead of sqlite. And I figured out how to ssh into my web host and clone my app from github. But I haven't figured out how to make it run yet, as opposed to just showing a directory of files. The instructions my host (Bluehost) provides are confusing to my beginner brain. Just have to keep working on it...

Initial post

I don't know much about my project yet--not even the name. What I do know is that Heroku's price structure confuses me, and I'm already paying for webhosting, so I'll be trying something different and using my current webhost instead. It means I need to use versions of Ruby, etc., that are specific to their server.

I'm also going to try using mysql, since that's the database they use. I've got mysql installed on my laptop now (I've switched to using Ubuntu from Windows just to learn web dev in a proper environment), so I should be able to manage. It's also been a good lesson so far in how RVM works when you actually want to switch between Rubies.

More updates to come as I progress through the lessons and a project takes shape!


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