Not Yet Titled (Mess In Progress)

Not Yet Titled (Mess In Progress) - student project

Radical Type Project Deliverables


The people and their work that inspire me for this project:

I pulled together visual representations of people, their concepts, their art that strike my core. I like many different genres and styles of design, music and personalities, but I tried to narrow them down here.

Not Yet Titled (Mess In Progress) - image 1 - student project

Max Neutra and Franz Kline for their expressive and rough line style.

Timothy Goodman's stories series reveals these momentary stories from his life that he writes by hand (often white on black). I admire his willingness to talk about embarrassing moments.

Chelsea Handler's brand feel. The way she tells stories on her show and in her stand up along with the brutal, unapologetic humor. Her new show logo is simple, but it's really Chelsea the person that inspires me.

George Lois' drive, attitude and outlook on life have lead to some really clever and disruptive advertising work. One of my favorites is the Tommy Hilfiger campaign billboard. It fucked up a lot of people on Madison Ave and Tommy became famous.

Jon Burgerman's doodle flow and goofy characters turn into these packed illustration pieces all from creating shapes, going with the flow and transforming random, crisscrossing lines, into characters.

Keith Haring's work (not pictured) is something I grew up with in my house from a young age. I really like his line work approach to making a visual message utilizing these symbols and icons he developed. I also appreciate that he was willing to create art that talked about big issues and that it was art for the people.

Takashi Murikami's work is super clean and iconic. He draws these characters and eye balls that have a grip on me. I often draw odd body parts on stilt legs and I think it was somehow inspired by him.

"Messy" written in peanut butter (artist unknown). Using non traditional mediums, especially food, catch my eye. The silky, shinny texture of the peanut butter is super sexy set against the dark background.


I had fun going crazy making marks and being unapologetic about it. It felt like I was letting my frustrations and any other emotions flow onto the page. Below are 6 pages of marks. For each page I played with a different instrument from large paint pens to ink to china marker.

Not Yet Titled (Mess In Progress) - image 2 - student project

Tools used on each sheet of paper (left to right, top to bottom)

  1. Copic Sketch Brush pen
  2. Montana Acrylic Paint pen (fine)
  3. Kuretake No. 7 Brush pen - Fine
  4. Rotring Isograph .70
  5. Montana Acrylic Paint Pen (15mm)
  6. China Marker and Kuretake Clean Color Real Brush pen


More to come as work progresses on this project!

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