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Not Sure What To Name This Duck Story

The skeleton version:

1.) Once upon a time there was a girl that always had a lot of leftover bread that was stale.

2. ) And every day she tried to find a useful way to get rid  of it.  She decided  to go to the neighborhood pond to feed the ducks.

3.) Until one day there were geese bullying the ducks to get some of the bread.

4.) And because of this one of these ducks was hurt and broke its leg.

5.) And because of this it struggled to fly over the mob to get bread since it couldn't walk anymore.

6.) Until finally the girl tried to distract the other ducks and geese with the bread so she could take the duck to the animal hospital.

7.) Ever since that day they've been the best of friends.

Thank you for looking at this :D Any suggestions?


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