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Not Perfect, But Its Ours


Well when I first started this was the cover I used but them ideas kept coming to my head so I recreated my cover to attract more of my target audience. I realized from authors that inspire me that the most important thing when gaining readers is what they see. I therefore decided that a more relatable cover would inspire my audience to read the book. I believe that what a person sees will help them decided if they want to read a particular story. I learned that from Rebecca Sky and I therefore used it to my advantage so thank you. 


Target Audience: Young adults within the ages of 17-25 years


High school sweethearts Mel and Niall carried there love all the way to Harvard Law.They were the perfect couple, nothing could come between them. Until one horrendous accident turned a perfect midnight picnic into a tragedy.

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Chapter 1: The best thing about love 



My car slammed into the back of a moving truck. I could see my boyfriend's head smash into the glass in the twinkle of an eye.

The car was spinning around and around while I vigorously tried to regain control but it didn't work. Next thing I saw was my car door crashing into the pole nearside the road. My eyes went black and I blanked out.

"Niall" I whispered trying to speak but it was like the words wouldn't leave my mouth.

"Where is Niall?" I said a little louder and the short red haired nurse came to my side and started fumbling some words I couldn't understand


Niall's POV

"Where am I" I asked the doctor as a striking pain hit my head. I tried to get up but the pain made me lie back down.

"Easy there son" I heard him say.

I could feel my skin with multiple plasters and a needle in my right hand.

"Son you're in the hospital" he said looking at me from over his spectacles.

"You had a broken limb and a slight head concussion" he continued as he scribbled something in his pad.

"Where is Mel?" I grumbled trying to fight the ringing pain in my head.

"She is being taken care of by another doctor, but all you need to worry about is getting better" he said as he inspected my arm and head bandages.

"I want to see her" I shouted. My angry tone made him give a smirk. But I was more annoyed than humored by his outburst.

"You can't, now you sleep and get better" he pointed to my head and left the room.

That night Mel and I were going on our first dare since we left high school. We both graduated and got into Harvard so I was taking her to suprise picnic under the stars in Chancellor Park.


Mel's POV

"Stop talking" I fumed as the nurse was speaking a million words a minute

"I need to see Niall and you're going to take me" I yelled lightly as my throat pained. I looked down at my right leg that was in a brace.

I saw her disappear out of the room only to reappear with a wheel chair. She was kind enough to take me to Niall's room.

"This is against hospital policy but I can make an exception" she said with a quick smile on her face. As I pushed the door to go in I saw him yelling at himself silently.

"Niall" was I all fumble to say.

"Mel, are you okay" he grinned. He was like locked in a cocoon and when he saw me he came back to Earth. As I came closer he saw my broken leg. His eyes flew wide open.

"Baby I'm so sorry" I could see his eyes flinch a tear as he ran his hand through his hair.

"It's okay...." I explained "I'll be okay" I continued as I pulled closer his hand tightly intertwined in mine.

The nurse had left a few minutes after we just looked into each other's eyes and smiled. The moment was so perfect. I was so afraid something had happened to him.

Later that night we go so hungry and the hospital food was so terrible. Niall sneaked out the room since the needle wasn't attached to his hand to get some real food from the cafeteria. He made it back without being caught with two slices of pizza and a can of soda.

We both sat in the dark facing the open window looking out at the stars. "This is some date" Niall said smiling as he gave me a slice of pizza

"Touché" I smirked shaking my head convincingly

"But I love you" I said as we both ate our pizzas and exchanged giggles.

"I love you more my sunshine" Niall said looking directly into my eyes.

He leaned over and planted a soft kiss on my lips. It was like fireworks erupted in my mind. His kiss deepened as our tongues dueled on an on.

"Our first date and first kiss in a hospital room" I laughed as our lips parted slowly.

"Cool huh, it's not perfect but it's ours" he said as he reached over and placed his arm around me.


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