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Not Gonna Do That Anymore

This is a pose in a personal test animation I did. In this pose he is taking a stand and saying, "I'm not gonna do that anymore." In response to people telling him what he can and can't do in life.

First Attempt

Second Pass

Added a background image to support the mood and create lines of interest to point back to the character. I also reframed the camera to set the character over more screen right.

Third Pass

Added lighting to match a campfire setting. I beefed up the character's arms, and slightly adjusted the pose.

Fourth Attempt

I did a complete pose overhaul to better sell the attitude of the character. I reframed the camera to get more of a profile angle of the character. I actually did some slight modeling to the character's pectoral area where it meets up with the arms to get better shapes there. I shortened the character's chin and did an overall proportion adjustment on the chest, arms, neck, and head to get a more appealing pose.

Attempt 5

I blurred the background to give some depth of field to the shot, and adjusted the pose slightly as changes in animation demanded.

Attempt 6

Pushed the lighting and the expression a little more.

Attempt 7

With some help from Skirsch Kirsch, here's another lighting pass.


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