Dana Lewis

Leader in Financial Services Sales and Support



Not All Payment Providers Are Created Equal - Which One Is Right For Your Business?

Accepting payments online is the keystone to ecommerce. It’s the linchpin that holds the whole formula together. Without it, you essentially have no sales. But if you’re new to the online payment world, how do you know what provider to choose?  This class is intended to help you determine the best provider for your business.  Here are the primary areas of focus for this class:

 - What payment services do you need and how do those differ from what a payment provider wants to sell you? 

 - What type of fees should you expect to pay and how do they compare to other payment methods? 

 - Do you accept payments in-person, on-the-go and online?  There is a difference in pricing, requirements and processing for accepting payments in multiple environments. 

 - Why you should perform your Due Diligence on a payment provider? 

 - What integration challenges do you face if your online channel is technically saavy?

 - What areas of support will be the most important for your business?  Technical support?  Returns/Chargebacks?  Risk Management?  24/7?



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