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Ria Sharon

Practice Makes Better.




I live in the city so although there is nature all around me, the splashes of color are often contained or very intentionally planned. I started to notice how plants are transposed among inaminate, structured visual elements like fences and brick and trellises and how their interactions form new patterns. You can see these in my mood board images.


Then I had some fun with my sketches, creating possible textures in a variety of mediums to use in my design.


I also pulled out some watercolor "sketches" I had painted and have been wanting to incorporate into something...


I liked the forms but I wasn't particularly drawn to the colors. So I came up with a different color story for this project.

My friend, Cherish Bryck is a talented photographer from Canada. She happened to publish a blog post on her summer trip to Saskatchewan. You can see the whole collection on her blog. But I was particularly drawn to the color palettes of a few of them and pulled them out for my color inspiration board. The parrot is from Pinterest! ;)


I ended up taking my paintings and using Image Trace the way Bonnie showed us in the video on working from photographs and combining them with the textures I made with a brush to come up with these motifs:


I spent a ton of time finessing the colors and the size and the repeat style:


As much as I love my original concept of layering the circles and dot pattern with the florals, I think the half drop without the circles in the background holds together better. So my final submission for this project is this:



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