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About NoshOnIt

NoshOnIt is a curated content network for home cooks that brings the best of the independent food world straight to your inbox. We believe that everyone can, and should, cook amazing food at home with just a little bit of help. Our daily email features mouthwatering, hand-picked recipes from up and coming bloggers and chefs along with expert cooking tips to help you step up your game in the kitchen. And, every day of the week is a different theme (e.g. Meatless Monday, Healthy Tuesday, World Cuisine Wednesday, Gluten Free Sunday) so you only get the content that is most relevant to you. Think of it like a Daily Candy for the home cook.

What makes our content unique is that it's real food from real people. The content contributors we choose to work with are mostly up-and-coming bloggers (no big timers or celebrity chefs) who do extremely high-quality work and deserve to be discovered. The recipes we feature us fresh, real ingredients and focus on from-scratch cooking. No junk, just good food.

For bloggers and content creators, we offer a way to 1) get exposed to new audiences and 2) get connected with new sponsorship opportunities from high-quality advertisers and brands (like a BlogHer network).

Our Short-Term Goal

We want to grow our email list and direct more people to our sign-up page.

Our progress

We've been live for just over 5 months. While our email list is not huge, the quality of the list is extremely high with a very engaged reader base. So, we know that the quality of our product (the email) is good, we just need more people to sign up.

We direct people to this sign-up page where they can choose the editions they want to receive and enter their email address:

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This is Step 2 of the process, where we encourage people to share and invite their friends via email:

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Vijay Nathan

Lifelong foodie,passionate cook,founder of NoshOnI