Nose Drawing Techniques

Nose Drawing Techniques - student project

Assignment 1: Nose Drawing

These were drawings from when I was watching the videos and following through. They're a bit dark, but I did them that way so I could always remember the steps if I forgot.

Nose Drawing Techniques - image 1 - student project

Assignment 2: Nose Hachuring

I did the rough sketch of the 1/3 nose separately from the hachuring to remember the structure for future drawings.

Nose Drawing Techniques - image 2 - student project

Assignment 3: Nose Shading

This was my first attempt. I also used a shading stump to add in some textures.

Nose Drawing Techniques - image 3 - student project

When I was doing the side-nose, I found that blending graphite powder with a blending stump gives a more defined look in some areas. I tried to blend the powder around the nostril with a brush but it wasn't giving a dark enough look. I tried using the stump and I felt I could control the powder better, and darken areas with the powder better, because the stump sort of adds more concentrated powder to areas.

Nose Drawing Techniques - image 4 - student project

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