Northwood Andresen: a double table Norwegian wheel from North Dakota USA

Meet my Alfred Andresen wheel from Northwood, North Dakota. I call him Eddie, because of his light-bulb shaped maiden finials.


Alfred Andresen was a hardware dealer in Minneapolis at the beginning of the20th century. He imported housewares from Scandinavia and shipped them by railroad to the Scandinavian settlements in North Dakota and Minnesota. The ones of this style were made in Norway. Andresen shipped them out packed 6 to a crate, unassembled and unfinished.

Northwood is a small town near where I live. In Andresen's day it was a major railroad stop. This wheel probably sat in an attic or parlor from the time its original owner put it aside until I found it in an antique shop last year. It looks to be complete, all original, waiting to be put to work once more. My project will be doing that very thing.

All the bits and parts are in place. The drive wheel runs true. There are 3 bobbins, but only one is in working condition.


A quick scan of the mother-of-all reassured me that the leather bearings are both there, and that they hold the flyer firmly. I can fiddle with flyer and check things out without one of those awful moments when a weak old bearing lets go and the flyer crashes to the floor and breaks an arm.

We are ready to go to work.


A few days later...All cleaned and oiled and running smoothly.


Eddie's first bobbin: an ounce of an unknown blend from stash. Looks like the bobbin will hold 2 oz. easily.


In this class I learned a whole new approach to the task of getting a wheel cleaned up and running smoothly. It is to think in terms of the three basic areas of any wheel, and to work with each one as a whole before moving on to another. Within an area the details will resolve themselves. Sometimes I didn't even know what I did, but after I tended to all of the needs of an area, its squeaks and dragging disappeared like magic.

Elizabeth Lovick's approach makes simple and pleasant work of a sometimes daunting chore. It will work with any wheel, new or old, any style, any state of repair.  I will be getting a lot more spinning time from now on as a result of this class .


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