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Northern Lights

Update June 13, 2018:




After four months of practice painting aurora borealis, I've finally managed to reach a point where I can paint them with more consistent results! This is the most recent one I've painted, but I've done quite a few. I didn't use any Ph. Martin's for this one, but I did use watercolor pencils. I also played with the brightness and contrast in Photoshop to make it look more vivid.



Finished this about a week ago, but forgot to upload. This isn't the first time I've tried to paint northern lights, but it is the first time the result wasn't a complete mess! I'm pretty happy with how this came out, although I definitely need to practice painting trees more. This was my first time trying to ink with a brush rather than a pen. It was also my first time using white ink for stars and Dr. Ph Martin's watercolors. 



Watercolor paints

Higgins Black India Ink

Copic Opaque White

Dr. Ph Martin's Concentrated Watercolors


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