Northern Lights Landscape (basics)

Northern Lights Landscape (basics) - student project

Northern lights are beautiful but they are very difficult to capture with paint.

I had, at first, stumbled upon Trupti Karjinni's class "Dancing Northern Lights and Pine Forest", where she recommended her previous class on the basics for painting northern lights so here I am!

At first looking through all the projects, I was amazed by the results and the method seemed relatively simple, even though it required a certain amount of radomness... But that's what I signed up for.

I decided to realise two pieces, one with my Sennelier and Winsor&Newton watercolours and the other with my Rohrer&Klingner drawing inks.

I like the vibrancy and airiness of the first piece, however it seemed a bit lacking. On the other hand, the second piece is much darker, with less of actual northern lights but I like how the sea rendered and the whole illustration has much more gravitas!

Pictures of the process:

Northern Lights Landscape (basics) - image 1 - student project

  1. Picture 1: Watercolour palette. I decided to use three additional colours to Trupti's original palette, for more vibrancy and just for fun really.
  2. Picture 2: Before adding the details in the mountains.
  3. Picture 3: This time I decided to sketch rough lines for more control on the shapes. I used my Faber-Castell Polychromos in Light Cobalt Turquoise for that. Needless to say, I didn't ended using them.
  4. First layers of my ink piece, I liked the swishiness of it then.

I really enjoyed this class and I ready to take on the next level!

Segolene Chapin

Illustrator / Environmental Scientist