North is Home

Tommy fights his way through 100 miles of the apocalypse to find his family and escape to his cabin in the north. The virus killing people is frightening but the true horror , as Tommy finds, are the people who are left. Tommy begins the story being a kind and decent person but in experiencing the evil left in the world he finds himself debating morality and kindness. 

Piles of bodies left at the curb like trash, entire cities burned under crushing riots. Governments collapse leaving lawlessness and ruthless warlords. Rural areas, however, have been less affected and Tommy's only hope is his cabin in the north and that his wife and daughter await him there. 

If avoiding the virus wasn't difficult enough, Tommy will also have to deal with gangs, remnants of the government, local warlords and other rogues. His cabin may be in the north, away from the most dangerous areas affected by the virus but it is in the north, in Minnesota and winter is nigh. A frantic fight to go north before winter is on but Tommy is frightened by what he might have to do and what he might become in the process. 


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