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Nor Kanjanahattakij

Mobile apps project manager at Codegent



Nor's Character Illustration

Hello all!

I'm first class on skillshare. I'm a big fan of Matt's illustrations so I'm really excited about the class. I hope to get something out of here and hope to share my work and inspiration with you all.

First.. my pinterest board


1st update

My first few sketches..

Sorry I'm so behind as I'm very busy with my fulltime job. So here are a few characters I started doing today. I want to draw a few more to refine my thought and what I really want as a finished piece. I don't own a tablet so my work is a little bit dirty from rubbing off unwanted lines etc.. 


2nd update

I had the opportunity to carry on my illustration as we have HackFriday project at our office. HackFriday is a project we run at our office every Friday where everyone in our office enjoy a day of self or group creative development. So we toss our keyboards and monitors and get to work with other stuff we feel like. Last Friday was watercolour session ran by our in-house illustrator. It was a good opportunity as I've never tried watercolour before.

I quickly drew a few more sketches and research into a few pirates clothing and weapons on Google. After that I sketched out a character I like and started watercolouring with the help of our in-house illustrator. Because it was the first time I worked with watercolour please forgive me for the bad quality. Of course I will carry on with developing more character suntil I reach the end of the class.

Any comments are welcome!


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