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Alex Mostella

Founder of Norfolk Clothiers





"Using influences from minimalist architecture & hip-hop, to the classic appeal of single malt whiskey & vintage cars - We wish to form the new standard for how a man should live his life."


x  Founder - Alex Mostella

x  Location - Fayetteville, NC

x  Slogan - "Classic menswear from a modern perspective"

x  Mission Statement - "Our mission is to bridge the gap between classic style and

                                  modern streetwear, giving menswear a fresh take on the essentials."



Brand Logo - 

  Our logo embodies the values and ideals of Norfolk. A representation of our minimalist taste while also conveying a certain edge, the 'X' symbolizes the simplicity & precision that we incorporate into all of our designs. 

Garment Logo Patches - 


Mock Up Billboard - 

Mock up of my favorite car (Mercedes G-wagon) with slogan  - 


Car Design


Our car design features the brand's "x" logo along with a vintage "Pin Up" girl print on the hood and roof, inspired by the theme of our first collection "The 1940's". We tried to stick to our minimalist roots while also incorporating our affinity for prints. More info on our first collection is coming soon. 


Fall / Winter 2013 Mini Collection - The Lifestyle / 1940's

    Our first collection is based on the nostalgia and class of the 1940's era. Our goal was to create a collection of timeless garments with a modern twist to bring a vintage feel to urban menswear. (Garment descriptions below) 

The "Dark Autumn" Button-Up - 

 x Hand Sourced Floral Fabric (100% cotton)

 x Chambray Neck Lining (for added comfort and quality)

 x Tortoise Buttons (Collar & Neck Buttons)

 x Panel Chest (for premium fit)

 x Slim Cut

 In the 1940's men became more experimental with their clothing. Dress clothes became more unique as more people tried different cuts, colors and fabrics. The button up is a classic menswear garment that we have put our own twist on to add sophistication to a timeless piece.

 We designed two short sleeve button up shirts that can be layered during those cold winter days but also worn alone when the weather doesn’t call for heavy garments. With the use of heavier fabrics and colors, our button ups were designed to suit any man’s wardrobe, all year long.

The "Fish Line" Denim Jacket 

 x Premium Japanese Denim

 x Hand Sourced Fish Interior Lining 

 x Custom "NORFOLK" Brass Buttons

 x Slim Cut

  The denim jacket became a popular form of work wear in the 1940's. We have designed this piece and added our Fish lining in order to make this garment stand out among the majority while keeping a since of classic taste and appeal.

The Baseball Jersey 

 x Stretch Cotton Jersey 

 x Chambray Neck & Placket Lining (For added comfort & detailing)

 x Pearl Buttons

 x Slim / Custom long, draped look

 In the 1940's baseball was not only the American sport, it was a way of life. Yogi Berra, Jackie Robinson - these American heros formed a tradition that we here at Norfolk intend to uphold. We designed a plain baseball jersey to bring this timeless sports classic into the modern day. 

 Using a durable and comfortable stretch cotton jersey, and using a slim draped fit - our baseball jersey sets a minimalist tone for any occasion.

The "Floral" T - 

 x Slim Cut (100% cotton)

 x Custom Norfolk Neck Label

 x Hand Sourced Floral Fabric

 x Hand Cut Pocket Featuring a Button Enclosure for Durability

  The pocket t-shirt was introduced in the year 1942. This functional pocket became a staple to menswear over the years, and we have reimagined the classic by creating 3 versions of our own.

The "Blue Bird" Button Down - 

 x Chambray (100%)

 x Custom NORFOLK Neck Label

 x Hand Cut Pocket 

 x Hand Sourced Bird Fabric

 x Casual/ Workwear Button Up

 x Slim Cut

The "Trout" T - 

 x Slim Cut (100% cotton)

 x Custom NORFOLK Neck Label

 x Hand Sourced Trout Fabric

 x Hand Cut Pocket Featuring a Button Enclosure for Durability

The "Bird" T - 

 x Slim Cut (100% cotton)

 x Custom NORFOLK Neck Label

 x Hand Sourced Bird Fabric

 x Hand Cut Pocket Featuring a Button Enclosure for Durability


Detail Images - 


 Bomber Jacket Sketch (Concept Design) / Jacket will be completed & posted next week

Denim Baseball Jersey - A prototype for our next collection

Custom  X Railroad Cuff by Giles & Brother

Collective Essentials - 

  x  Dark Autumn Button Up

  x  Maschine 

  x  Red Wings

  x  Iphone 5

  x  My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

  x  X logo patch

  x  Vegetable leather flap wallet

  x  Altoids

  x  Vintage Playing Cards



All of our garments are cut & sew - Hand sourced fabrics, Hand sewn garments


About the Brand            

           The Collective is a group of likeminded individuals who are dedicated to excellence and progress regarding fashion, music, art, design and culture. Founded in 2013, our goal is to bridge the gap between the prestige of classic values and to form a movement that will lead to the progress and evolution of the modern man in the 21st century. Our goal (and our passion) is to start our journey by redefining menswear.

            Norfolk is a premium men's clothing label based in North Carolina. Our mission is to give menswear a fresh take on the essentials - mixing classic style with modern streetwear. We are dedicated to producing premium quality garments at a more inclusive price. Combining elements of minimalism and pop culture while refining classic menswear designs - we strive to produce quality, innovative and timeless products accessible to every man.

            Our goal is to re-invision menswear, breaking  the "standards" of modern fashion - We intend to change the way menswear produces collections. Most fashion houses produce seasonal collections 2-4 times a year. Weekend Collective, however, is determined to change this approach by producing smaller collections the first weekend of every month in limited quantities. This gives our customers a wider variety of garments, and also makes each collection unique to each specific season, and increases the anticipation of what our brand will produce from month to month.

Vision - (Store Concept)   

            Our vision is to transcend the standards of menswear. We intend to create a store that provides men with every necessity needed to live his life. Located in the heart of NY, LA & Raleigh, NC (gotta stay true to our roots) - Norfolk will be an arcadia for the modern man. Men's designer apparel, vintage accessories & vinyl toys, accompanied by a high-end barber shop and an upscale bar & lounge (all in house). Our store will also occasionally host open mics for local and upcoming artists (indie/hip-hop/house/acoustic). The 2nd floor will hold our design studio, where our team can create innovative, new products while being influenced by the city around them. Developing a loyal customer base through our quality products and excellent customer service, Norfolk will become a staple in the world of menswear and fashion & a home to all who venture into our store.


Music we're listening to at the moment   

  x  We Get High - Logic

  x  Game of Love - Daft Punk

  x  Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock

  x  Hold My Liqour - Kanye West 

  x  Oceans - JayZ & Frank Ocean

  x  Easy Easy - TNGHT

  x  Fine$t - Robb Bank$

  x  Woods - Bon Iver

  x  Helplessness Blues - Fleet foxes


Our Blog


           For those of you that are interested in learning more about our brand, please check out our blog. Its a visual manifesto of what goes on inside our heads and what our brand is looking at to inspire product, store concepts and projects. 


Contant Us

   [email protected]


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