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Norfolk, VA Pennant

MY CITY | Norfolk, VA

Norfolk is full of culture, hip restaurants (there's a Grilled Cheese Bistro, people), mermaids and people from all sorts of places. I'm excited to create a pennant that represents this vibrant city.

MY REFERENCES | Oxford Pennants

Shoot dang, Oxford Pennants has so many pieces to be inspired by. Here are a few of my favorites with the reasons why I love em.



As I mentioned before, Norfolk is pretty much I get inspired just by walking downtown on my way back and forth to work. For my project, I wanted something that really screamed Norfolk, so I chose three things to focus on–the Navy, water and mermaids. Norfolk is home to the world's largest Naval base. Naturally, that means we're near water (the Atlantic Ocean to be precise). Oh, and we have a lot of mermaids, it's true! See the photos below.



Fun story about my textures. I initially wanted some slight scale-like texturization, sort of the like the mermaid sculpture in the bottom left of the picture above. Alas, they were HUGE scales... too huge to work on the pennant. Turns out most of the mermaids are artsy and don't actually have scales. Instead, I came across some cool looking bark on a tree while I was walking to work today. That's what I ended up using for this texture. The tree was planted in Norfolk, so it goes with the theme :).

I actually inverted the photo and then image traced it in Illustrator so I could get more of the small black specks.


MY DESIGN | Norfolk

I knew right away that I wanted my serifs to have mermaid tails. Then I randomly had the idea to incorporate an old school Navy scuba helmet and hose and the rest is history. I hand lettered this piece, then snapped a photo and tweaked it in Photoshop and Illustrator. You'll see that my original drawing had inlined text, but I decided to simplify it for the pennant and I'm glad I did. It reads a lot better with the colors.


Here's my design without the texture...


And with the texture...


I also went back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth about the type treatment for Virginia. So for funsies, here's an alternate version:


Annnnd lastly, here's my design on what we'll pretend is the beautiful wood paneling in my yacht that's docked by the Elizabeth River in Norfolk...


Jon, great class. Thanks for the fab syllabus and the easy to follow instruction. I really enjoyed learning new ways to make textures. I've always wanted to add a little spice to some of my designs and now I have a bunch of different ways to achieve that.


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