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Norfolk Terrier Attitude

I know this class asks us to make a sculpt of an original character or creature maquette, but I have wanted to make a sculpture of a Norfolk Terrier for a while now.  I have a specific dog in mind I wish to use as my subject that belongs to a friend of mine.  He is a handsome dog with such an attitude and presence about him that I wish to convey into a sculpture.  Whenever I look at him I can't help but say "wow!".

Norfolk Terrier

This is the subject for my Sculpture.  An adult male Norfolk Terrier.

Rough Drawing

Practice makes perfect, or at least as close as you can get.  I had to play Goldilocks with my armatures.  First attempt was the little one in the front left armature with is 80% the size on original drawing.  Too small.  The next attempt is 100%.  Too big.  Then the final one (blue aluminum wire since I couldn't get 18 guage in regular) is 90%.  Just right.

The masking tape was to help me figure out where the paws would be so I could figure out how tall it needed to be so the dog could be standing on a piece of rock.

I mixed 50/50 of Super Sculpey and Super Sculpey Firm.  I sent it through a pasta press to mix and condition it.  I found that I liked having a sheet of clay to work with since I can pull strips off at a time to add to my scultpure as well as pull pieces to fill in spots that needed it.

The pose I was trying to achieve was a forward lean with one paw up.  As if he was hunting.  He would look alert and have a curve in his body to indicate his readiness for action.  This is a rough form and no where near done shaping.

Nice top view of a work in progress.

I drilled holes in the wooden base so that the sulpture is stable while viewing and working on him.  I can easily take him off of it and put him back.  This may not be the final base and position.  Some things I just keep trying to visualize how I want the final look to be.  There is time to decide.

I will post as I move along in this project.


I had problems creating my own original character, but I have finally found my inspiration.  Below is a future project.  A cross between a polecat and a chinese dragon.

Yeah, yeah.  I still have the Norfolk to do, but when inspiration hits you just go with it.  I made a change to the original drawing.  The front legs didn't look right and I was not pleased with the horns.  That doesn't mean I won't add features not seen in the drawing.  Seeing it on paper is different then seeing it 3d.  This one will be balancing on its tail (which will be interesting to do).  I am using 14 gauge wire on this one while the norfolk uses 18 gauge wire I think.


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