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Miranda Stolz

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Nord Express

Update 3:

Added some texture to the entire piece, I am thinking that I have have to go back in and continue to add textures to individual pieces. I am struggling to get the correct colors in the middle of the gradient for the train. It seems to be more yellow that I can currently get it.

Currently steeling myself for working adding the last of the text and working on the steam.


Update 2:

So I spent today working on all of the gradients that make up on the train. I still want to fix the two miniature wheels at the front of the train, as neither the linear or the radial quite get the angles.  Aside from that it is finish the text, and add texture.  Any Suggestions? :)


Update 1:

Here is a side by side of what I have done, compared with the original. I have the wheels in red so that I don't loose them amongst the black of the train body. I am excited to start getting the colors down and adding the gradients and textures.  So Much Fun!



I have always had a soft sport for Art Deco and Art Nouveau advertisments, especially the transportation and travel advertisements, so it seemed only natural to me that I chose "Nord Express" created by A.M. Cassandre in 1927. (More info on this artist here:

I give you, the original poster!


I can't wait to get started!!


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