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Lindsey Norberg

Designer & Front-End Developer



Norberg Family Crest


The beginning:

Currently I am studying Graphic Design and am looking to push myself beyond what I am doing in school and to take on some extra projects so that I may grow as a designer. I find that when I push myself to create things like this I am pushed outside of my own comfort level and thinking box to create new things. 

The Project:

It was fun to interview a few family members and to create a logo for my family <3.

The Process:

I spent way too much time avoiding my school work being passionate about this assignment! At first I have to admit I found it slightly lame but I tried to just DIVE IN and have FUN! As you can see I think I made a pleasing design that I am certainly happy with.

"No slogan" - I decided to leave the slogan out and focus on the visual elements of the design :D 

Ferns, Gardening & Lighthouses 


Color, Shape & Refine


Too many good ones?

I put it to a vote on Facebook and First & Secong Place won by a landslide.




Thanks for looking at my "Modern Family Crest"

Constructive comments welcome :D 

All the best,

Lindsey Norberg


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