Nora's Sketchbook

Nora's Sketchbook - student project

I recently got a new sketchbook as a gift and I knew I wanted to treat this one a little differently than the sketchbooks I've used in the past.

I have other sketchbooks I use for projects and random notes, but I'd like to keep this one more deliberate. It is a Magma Art & Illustration sketchbook and so far I love it.

:: Drawing a pattern based on an object ::

I decided The Chair by Galen Cranz would be a great reference for the pattern part of this project. 

Nora's Sketchbook - image 1 - student project

I always sketch my drawings out before they become permanent, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and just start painting. I used gouache to paint the chairs and colored pencil for the background.

Nora's Sketchbook - image 2 - student project

Once I filled the page I took it into Photoshop and manipulated the colors a bit. 

Nora's Sketchbook - image 3 - student project

And made a neon version just for fun.

Nora's Sketchbook - image 4 - student project

Step 1 was quick and fun. Thank you Leah, for getting me to step out of my comfort zone. I can't wait to get started on the next step. 

:: Drawing from life ::

For this exercise I chose to draw a vase of flowers that I put together in floral arrangement class. I used gouache and did not sketch beforehand with a pencil.

I don't really love the outcome, but I'm glad I completed it. I think I'll try painting flowers a few more times to find a style I like more for myself. 

Nora's Sketchbook - image 5 - student project

:: Observational Composition ::

Cheesesteak shop in Philadelphia

Nora's Sketchbook - image 6 - student project

Again, I'm not super happy with this one. But that's what practice is for, right? I can't wait to fill up this sketchbook! 

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for looking! 

Nora Patterson
Wannabe Illustrator