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Nonsense Makes Sense

I spent the past week writing down any and every phrase and/or word that caught my attention. My inspiration was coming from everywhere; music, movies, classic quotes. I wanted something personal but fun, a phrase that really represented the way I see the world. I was looking at Instagram and saw a picture that was so rediculous and started laughing and laughing but it all made sense, when I uttered the words "nonsense makes sense" UREKEA! And that is how I came up with my phrase for this project: 

Nonsense Makse Sense 

Below is a mind map and word list I created for the phrase:

I really want to try and have the word "nonsense" actually make the word "sense" or have them go into each other. 

Another direction would be like a classic book cover that seems educational

A final direction would be silly type reminicent of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. 

Below is my moodboard! 

Would love some feedback or references!


Update 12/2: 

I'm a bit behind in my updates but here we go! These are a couple of my lettering warm ups. It was pretty fun to try the different styles for sure. 

Then I started my thumbnails. As usual, I am having trouble choosing exactly how I want this phrase to look. Do I want it to be frilly and girly? Do I want it to be silly? A couple of these are my favorite, but I think I have a bit more work to do. I want the "nonsense" part to feel like it is making the "sense" the same time, I want the phrase to feel very proper as if an English man from the turn of the century was saying this phrase, holding his monocle and stroking his mustache, hehe. I also began playing with incorporating iconic imagery of goofiness such as the funny glasses, willy wonka type swirls, and funky shapes. 


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