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Nonna cuce (grandmother is sewing)

And here it is, past the deadline and past many late evenings struggling with Windows Movie Maker to bend it to my will. It's still a bit longer than due, but honestly it's already so late I can't stand another re-edit... hope you like it a bit as I do!

Synopsis and project description

When I was a child, and long after that, when anyone would ask "Where is granny? what is she up to?", 99% of the time the reply would have been: granny is sewing.

So here it is: I will try a video portrait of an extraordinary old lady, now turning 86 years old and still sewing with love. For her clients, for her friends, for her family. Seeing her at work has always been so familiar and natural to me that I almost did not recognize how much talent and dedication you need to have if you want to create as she was able to.

But I would like also to tribute her personality, how witty and fun she is, how much she loves nice clothes, nice shoes, sequins, beads and tons of jewelry. Now that she is turning weak in the eyes and cannot walk as before, it will be a time capsule for both of us: remembering, joking, and maybe having a good look into her closet of treasuries.

let's see what will turn out! 

P.S: Meet Margot today (or at least recently...) in her typical enjoy-mode :-)



the workspace - the process of making - pieces/fabrics in the making (work in progress) - if somebody would be there to try a fitting for something sje is doing that would be great to shoot.


into her closet: her favourite picks (handmade) - look at these shoes! - jewelry:the more the better


whom taught her, when did she start (question for interview) - old pictures I remember I saw of her wearing her creations - 

keywords and sensations palette:

nostalgia, femininity, texture, ageing, personal, crafting, aesthetics, play, fashion, glitter, embroidery, lace, color, good taste/bad taste, fun, curiousity.


I am planning to visit my muse and start some preparatory work on thursday 22nd. Luckily I have two days off work, thursday and friday, so I will try to catch up.

Preparatory work for me means: some takes of the location (granny's home), in order to check how they look like in video, and how is the light. Reality check with the "props": are there enough creations in the make or shall we fake something. Note: granny has been very ill in the last 3 months, slowing her work and becoming more frail.  So I will have to help her and  the project to look good, just as I know it can be. we will make arrangements on how to dress for the video. 

Another important reality check is with the pictures and the extras I may want either to shoot or to insert in editing. I am thinking: old b/w pictures she has, a splendid dress she did for me last year, a photo of her sewing the bridal gown of my sister. something else will have to come. oh, sequins, lace, buttons? I would love to be able to use little material elements as graphic and animation, but I feel also realistically that it is too short time notice now for me to learn animation techniques! I am not Michel Gondry. I am not Michel Gondry. I am not Michel Gondry. and repeat.

After this, I will come back for the first takes on friday or saturday or both.


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