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Non-Native Photography

Final presentation for Non-Native Photography below (with creative brief). Any feedback is appreciated! 








Creative Brief

BACKGROUND - A small photography business affiliated with Outer Woods Media (we exist to support the expansion of authentic meaningful content in the world. We simply strive to create beautiful, charismatic matter for your story and offering.

OBJECTIVE - Design a brand for Non-Native

TARGET AUDIENCE - Brides and people who need help displaying their stories and passion through visuals (video and photo)

MESSAGE - We partner with others and journey outside the boundaries of what’s possible. We offer a world of curiosity, authenticity, and beauty to your campaign, wedding, event, family shoot. etc.

COMPETITION - All photographers in state (Colorado)

DISTINGUISHING CHARACTERISTICS - We enhance both your and our creative power by knowing how committed you are to your vision. By finding a collaborative path within your team, we understand the connection between self and offering.

CREATIVE CONSIDERATIONS - Not picky! Maybe more earth tones? Since non-native and outer woods are very much nature/adventure/ exploring style?

TONE/KEY WORDS - We’re storytellers/ charismatic/ authentic/ we love anything new and risky/ we go beyond the frontier.  We just want to capture your authenticity in the best way possible and we do that by really getting to know your desires and passions.


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