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Kelvin Lee

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Noir and Cel-Shading Portfolio Blog

Hi Everyone,

My name is Kelvin, I'm an Illustrator who has recently graduated from a Visual Communications course. A few months back I have switched to using Wordpress from Blogger to blog my work, I'm still at the early stages of building an audience however.

My work is centered around Text Illumination (especially those that I've written myself) and I have 2 visual styles: Analogue based Noir and Cel-Shading with Digital Painting.
I'm currently working on a Children's Book.

This is what my Portfolio Blog looks like at the moment:
Akashic Illustration Blog

I've been contacting some illustrator peers to write a blog post about them; doing this will add a new page to my blog called Networking where you'll have a thumbnail of mentioned  peers and a small set of work next to them, upon clicking their name will redirect you to the post I written about them.
I'll put this into motion in the next couple of days.

I'll be attending a Zine Festival called DIY Cultures in hopes of gaining new contacts and promoting myself, doing so will allow me to write a posts of many peers and an insiders point of view of the Festival (because I'm volunteering for this event). This will not be put into motion until after April 7th.

I'll write the odd post about topics that link to my work which I am passionate about.

(This is all part of my Content Strategy, but I will need to find a way to balance my work posts and content posts because my blog is still a Portfolio Blog at heart).

Any suggestions and feedback would be very helpful, from overall design to post content or even some of my work; I'm all ears.

I'm looking forward to interact and bounce ideas from everyone in this class!



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