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Monoline lettering didn't seem like something that had much potential when I attempted to pick up new styles and techniques. My opinion changed quite considerably though when I started following Ricardo's work on instagram. It helped me realise that the beauty of the alphabet is way beyond just thicks and thins. Thank you for that and the great class.

I started off with a few basic exercises and was drawn quite instantly to drawing the alphabet themselves. In this particular attempt I tried to draw different renditions of the various alphabet as quickly as possible, without spending too much time thinking of new ones.


Having developed a fair knack for the bullet tipped pen, I jumped into sketching the ideas I had for the project.


I live in Noida(India), which shares it's borders with the national capital Delhi. I chose to write 'capital's cousin' as the accompanying text, as that is the kind of vibe it has about it. In the end though I decided to go against as the city stands for so much more than just that.

The choice of colours has been affected by the fact that it was originally conceived as an industrial city, now however it is a good mix of both commercial and residential spaces. I ended up going the illustrator way to digitise for the project because i a more comfortable with it, although i would add the other version once i am done with it.

Thank you

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