"Nogi" WIP Screenplay

"Nogi" WIP Screenplay - student project

Working Nogi Loglines:


Option #1:

A lost teenager must convince her rescuers that she's an extraterrestrial needing help to find her spacecraft, despite evidence she has been previously hospitalized for severe mental illness. 


Option #2:

A black teenager battles with doctors and her Asian foster family to prove her documented mental illness is a cover-up for the fact she's an extra-terrestrial. 


Option #3:

After being discovered near death in a junkyard, a black teenager with documented mental illness, must prove to doctors that she is an extraterrestrial and her foster family is part of a government cover-up. 


I hope I did this correctly....Project Virgin here. My first 10 pages are completed if there's a space/opportunity to have beta readers. 


Ashlea Annya
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