Noem9 Studio Neon Sign

Noem9 Studio Neon Sign - student project

I have been working on the studio branding for the last few months in between client projects. It's all based on neon signs just using a single line style across everything.

With a "sign" already created for the About page of the website, this class was the perfect excuse to animate it and see how it would look as a real neon sign.

This was the illustration that I finished a month ago, now it's time to add some color and see how it works.

Noem9 Studio Neon Sign - image 1 - student project

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These are the two animations that I have created based on the initial illustration.
The first one is a more realistic way of animating a neon sign. And the second one was trying a couple of things learned along the way.

Feel free to comment and point out anything that I need to improve and please let me know what you think about it.


Jose Garrido

Noem9 Studio