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Noell family ""crest""

So I have a sort of odd family tale: we technically hail from Yugoslavia, which doesn't exist anymore, but before that we trace roots back to Alsace-Lorraine, which was a weird sort of territory with french and german influences, which explains why we have german heritage (all of my family cooks german food and many of us are still fluent in german) but have a french last name-- Noel--->Noell, like Joyeux Noel kind of stuff.

So I approached this from the idea of doing a shield, I had designs picked out and everything, but then I was thinking nah, as much as I try to fight it I'm more of a cutesy illustrative kind of person. I was just hitting idea walls trying to stick to a shield + symbols design and it didn't feel right for my family.

And I love folk art. So then I remembered german cuckoo clocks exist, and bam. here we are.


Ref images:


I went back and forth on a few versions of this, including a literal clock, suggesting a clock, etc. 

I couldn't decide what to actually put IN the clock because I'm not one of those people with extremely strong family ties, traditions, or history. There's only 4 people in my family and my extended family is either dead or extremely few individuals. So instead I started thinking about my childhood and what -I- can remember about growing up in german households.

I remembered we did have a clock, and I also fixated on this one motif that both of my grandmothers had around the house--it was these 2 german kids, a boy and a girl, and they became the inspiration for hummel figurines (which my mom collects) so then I thought to try actually putting dolls in my clock, for maximum cute factor.

Once I did that, I found a nice thick german-esque font, and I tried other ideas for laurel (like christmas lights and trees) which didn't super pan out, so I think this is okay for now.

(PS the german reads "Come and eat", which every relative I have has uttered at least once at a family gathering, haha)



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