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Nocturnes by Little Boots (Jen Smeriglio)

I decided to start this project by finding an album that hasn't yet been released and with someone I didn't know much about. I thought it would be the most interesting approach in this sort of project. So I took one of the links we had been given for future relases and the album title "Nocturnes" stood out to me. 

Nocturnes is by Little Boots which is Victoria Hesketh's solo venture. She used to be the lead singer and keyboardist for a dance pop group. I did some research on her site and her Itunes profile and I was hooked. Her music is very dance party, something you'd hear at the club where everyone's got a beer in hand or at a great house party. 

Nocturne is a term for a musical composition that is inspired by the night. So that gave me an immediate idea for what I thought the cover could look like. This is what the cover actually is:

So, from there I just sort of made a random sketch of all the ideas that popped into my head. I knew it would be a night scene in a forest. I wanted it to be a spot that someone would happen upon that could be mystical and almost dream like. There would be owl eyes peering through the branches and the kicker would be the forest floor covered in rainbow lights. I thought the sky would be vivid with stars and the faint glimpse of glaxay colors. 

From there I used these ideas to put together a mood board that incorporated actual elements I wanted and possible color choices. 

The two gifs below are scenes I drew in Illustrator - I really like both but I tend to go towards the first one more - I need to adjust the size for it and I want it to take a little bit more of a darker tint but this is my progress so far!


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