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Nobody goes out anymore.

How's it going everyone? I'm Trent Joaquin and I go by @trednt on IG. You can see some more of my work at

My inspiration comes from Lupe Fiasco's album Tetsuo & Youth, specifically the instrumental 'Winter.' In my opinion, the song emits a harsh winter feel, which I think is perfect becacuse it's been snowing lately, and everyone seems to be tired of the winter. In addition, I feel like everyone's been staying inside including the kids. The only time I'd see people out is when they have to go to work or shovel snow. (At least in my town.) It's okay to be out in the snow!

Here's the link to the intrumental

And here's my take on this project, hope you like it. Cheers! (sorry for the loss of quality, had to resize because of the 2.1MB limit.)

1. Framed Image

2. Vanishing Point

3. Candid Portrait

4. Action Shot


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